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Fridge & Freezer Cleaning

Why not have your fridge/freezer professionally cleaned? – sanitising and eliminating any germs and bacteria that may be hiding there. Are you aware that many bacteria can survive even in the cold temperatures inside your fridge or freezer? These may cause nasty odours and possible contamination of fresh foods. The antibacterial products we use for our fridge cleaning service will destroy 99% of bacteria.

EcoTech fridge cleaning
EcoTech fridge/freezer cleaning

Our freezer cleaning service uses a high tech steam cleaning method combined with foodsafe antibacterial cleaning solutions. Our defrosting method means that your food will not defrost during the cleaning process.


  • Protect flooring.
  • Remove food & store.
  • Apply our foodsafe, antibacterial solutions.
  • Use steam cleaning to defrost, sanitise & remove all waste via vacuum.
  • Reassemble & replace food.

Your fridge / freezer will be fresh, clean and bacteria free

Minimum callout £45

Price Guide

Fridge (under worktop) £45 Freezer (under worktop) £55
Fridge (tall) £55 Freezer (tall or chest) £70
Fridge/Freezer £70 Fridge/Freezer (American Style) £80

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